Our broad network is implemented across a variety of markets, designed to locate and leverage synergies in a strategic manner. By targeting assets and applying them across our subsidiaries and partners, ESEM works to build upon the individual visions of each and every partnership with a detail-oriented approach that focuses on maximizing the potential of all parties.

ESEM believes in strong relationships. Across all networks, partners, and clients, we work on a personal basis to provide the most dynamic service, with full transperancy, confidentiality, and reliability.


We keep our finger on the pulse. The fast-paced world of entertainment is constantly changing, and Kross-Over is dedicated to staying up-to-date with the latest and greatest trends, audiences, and names across the industry.

As a diversity-driven entertainment platform, Kross-Over strives to bring our passion for media to a global market through high-level international contacts and incredible talents across a wide variety of cultures and languages. Kross-Over is driven to dominate the entertainment industry, signing and developing the best talents worldwide to create the world’s next generation of superstars.


A team with 30 years of real estate experience, Cosmo Developments builds communities designed to elevate the functionality and beauty of a home. With elegant designs rooted in simplicity and harmony, we create homes built to streamline your life. Organic flow. Practical layouts. Each design is made to support the lifestyle of every family, no matter your needs.

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